Kid friendly walks


Kid friendly (0-12 years)

The pedestrian zone and the bike lane grant to enjoy the fresh air and the wonderful alpine view without effort or risk to run into cars; moreover the surrounding area is full of easy AND satisfying places such as:

  • Val Sozzine, a flat valley floor where one can follow the fitness trail road or simply stop by the small lakes crossed by bridges and surrounded by statues of animals, all in the cool of the woods.
  • Valbione: accessible through an easy road through the woods, or directly by chair lift, Valbione is the perfect haven for families. With a panoramic view over the town of Ponte, near a lake where is also possible to engage in recreational fishing, the golf course and a restaurant, it offers limitless opportunities for pasttimes and relax amidst its fields and woods.
  • Valle delle Messi: easily accessible by car, its initial flat part on dirt track is well-suited for relaxed family strolls to the equipped picnic area or the didactic dairy of Sant’Apollonia.