Local traditions

The population of Ponte di Legno, as well as that of the surrounding alpine communities, preserved various rites during the course of centuries and kept alive the legacy of medieval institutions.
A form of intangible heritage that survived until now are the lore and legends of the area, like the one regarding the coming of Charlemagne in Valle Camonica.
To safeguard this patrimony is active a recently-born institution, the Ecomuseo dell'Alta via dell'Oglio (site in Italian) -formed by the area’s comuni, public and privates associations- it’s a non-profit institution that aim to safeguard typical traditions and trades through the study of both material and immaterial memories, from the building of the Avio’s dams to the rite of the candelora or the knowledge of the wool-manufacturing process; everything that contributes to forge the sense of identity and the typical culture of the inhabitants of the upper Camonica valley.