Excursions - Family friendly

Looking for an easy stroll, not too demanding even for young children and not-so-young grandparents, but still able to offer majestic views and experiences? That's the page for you then; have a nice walk!
Still wanting for more? You can find more options downloading the .pdf from this site (in Italian).

Among the fields

For those seeking to better understand the local traditions while discovering unique vistas of the upper valley, the Karolingian bikeway is the perfect choice: easy path surrounded by woods and fields, the same roads used by farmers and shepherds.

high mountain, low stress

What about those who love the views, less so the walking? Will they ever be able to see the top of a mountain, surrounded by the snow? Not to worry! Climb onboard on one of the Pontedilegno-Tonale cablecars, and comfortably reach the top of the mountains!