Why Ponte di Legno is called so?


The Donation of Charlemagne

"We also give to the already mentioned holy place [the monastery of Tours] that valley called Camonica, with mountains and passes up until the Dalanias, comprising the mounts and alps bordering with Trentino and the border of Brescia and the lands around Bergamo [...]"
Caroli Magni Diplomata - Papia, XVI Iulius 774


A bridge on the river Oglio

While "Ponte" (lit. "bridge") does indeed indicate the presence of a crossing over the river Oglio, "di Legno" (lit. "of wood") has nothing to do with the material used in said bridge, and a lot more with the ancient name of the upper Valley, "Dalania", as indicated by the Carlo Magno donation of 774 d.C.

from Dalania to Dalegno

In the course of time Dalania has become "Dalegno"; Ponte was used to indicate the village inside Dalegno where the bridges were (in the same way that "Villa Dalegno" a village nearby, indicated the place where was located the local baptistry.)
Finally, with the translation from the local dialect to Italian during the XIX and XX century, Dalegno became  "di Legno".

The names of Ponte

In ancient times there were five villages in the area: San Campel, Cusicla, Sumanì and Pont; during the XX century, the town expansion has linked them to one another, creating the current-day Ponte di Legno.