High Mountain climbing - Sentiero dei fiori

The mountain has a beauty in both Winter and Summer, provided one knows  his limits and has the appropriate equipement. Every ferrata, even the "Sentiero dei Fiori" must be taken on only by seasoned escursionists with the proper tools. Do not hesitate to contact the local division of the Alpine Italian Club, and ask them for equipement and guides.

Also, never go alone on these quotes! Not only for safety, but also for the company.

With the clouds under your feet

For the most daring alpinists, a challenge is offered by the vie ferrate (to be climbed only with the proper gear) such as the “spigolo Faustinelli” of Cima Lagoscuro, Cima Pietrarossa and Antecima Salimmo.
The “Sentiero dei fiori” (lit. “Flowers’ path”) with its aerial walkways suspended at more than 3000 meters offers a stimulating challenge and leads to breath-taking vistas over the entire valley.