In 1912 Ponte di Legno was described by the Italian Touring Club  as the “First Italian winter resort”.
As you will see, we’ve not been quite idle during this century.

Numbers that count

  • 21: the minutes to reach the Presena glacier from Ponte di Legno on gondola lift
  • 28: ski, chair and gondola lifts available
  • 41: the number of ski slopes
  • 100: the kilometers of ski slopes
  • 1744: the height difference in meters between the start and the end of the gondola lifts.
  • 3000: height in meters of the Presena glacier.

a town on the slopes

To ski, the first thing is to reach the slopes. And since you are in Ponte, you won't have to commute for thirty-forty minutes on a bus to reach the ski fields: you can easily go on foot form the door of your hotel. A nice thing, and a worry less to have.

ski runs for everyone

Once on the slopes, choose the one tight for you: it doesn't matter if a beginner or a seasoned veteran of skiing, the ski resort of Pontedilegno-Tonale has descents for every skill and taste.