Leisure walks

Fool things are to be done, but with the maximum prudence.
- Henry de Montherlant

Even if a moutain trek isn't certainly something "fool", a touch of prudence doesn't hurt.
And so, before suggesting you some of the various excursions possible in the upper Camonica Valley, we've compiled a little list of tips for improving your mountaineering experience. Please, read them even if you think you don't need them: should you be wrong, you'll have a more well-rounded idea of what is needed for an alpine outing; otherwise... you'll have the moral satisfaction of having proved an internet page wrong.

- Examine in advance your route: is it well-marked? Does it has equipped areas, fountains? Are there point better to be avoided by someone with vertigo? Is it suitable for your athletic training? Better know it beforehand that during the way! If in doubt, ask the local C.A.I. section.

- Choose a day with nice weather: being surprised by the rain while shopping in town might be an hindrance; while mountaineering, it's something to be avoided. Make certain, particularly for the excursions requiring the whole day, that the weather forecast is no your side!

- Bring with you a correct equipment: boots, long trousers if you plan to walk in the grass, raincoat, a t-shirt change should you be sweaty, some clothes to cover you once arrived at your goal: especially if windy the cold may hit you once you stop walking! Other specialized equipment might be necessary on the more exposed or difficult paths, such as helmets, ropes, carabiners, harnesses.
As before, should you have any doubt, check ewith the local C.A.I. section.

- Avoid walking alone: an advice both related to safety and enjoyment: the trek, as all other activities, is more pleasurable if shared with someone else. Should you struggle to find someone to go with you, several groups and associations organize walks and treks, ask the Pro Loco about them ! Should you be determined to go alone, leave notice  to someone where you are directed.


A path for every taste

Here in the upper Valle Camonica, Summer stands for leisure walks: freed from their snowy mantle, the mountains will appear to you under a completely different light.
Here we've collected some suggestions - obviously the list of possible walks is way longer than what can be presented here!- that may help you discover the various high quote views that our area can offer, divided by theme and also -since not all paths are the same- fot fitness level: from trip for the whole family  or small strolls dedicated to the little ones, to the more challenging treks, that will lead you to real gems of alpine beauty.

As said before, what you will find here is just a starting point for your walks: if you want more, you may find various proposal in local book shops and libraries, and also on the internet (here is an example, from the page of the "Unione dei comuni dell'Alta Valle").