Ponte Senior - Mountain quiet

Ponte - a town with a view

In addition to the various walks in the surrounding area, the town of Ponte di Legno itself can offer a number of possible strolls for those who want  the fresh air and wonderful views of the mountains without leaving civilization's cosy embrace.
Sunbathe on the main square while having an espresso, enjoy the cool breeze walking on the riverfront, or maybe have a look at the local shops; all without effort and in complete tranquillity!

our valley - a comfort zone

Should you desire to leave the town's boundaries but still avoid long and difficult walks, do not fear: during the Summer season are in service multiple line of shuttle bus to reach the nearby towns and some well-equipped panoramic viewpoints.
You may also choose to use the chair and gondola lifts to explore -comfortably seated- those places reachable only with skis during the Winter.
It's worth mentioning the Valbione area: with its golf course, recreational fishing and wonderful view over Ponte, can offer relax for everyone.