On the path of the “Great War”

A White War

History lovers and ordinary onlookers alike may be interested in observing the marks that the World War I (“Grande Guerra”, literally “Great War”, and on the Alps “Guerra Bianca”, “White War”, referring to the snow-covered peaks where the fighting took place) left in the area: trenches and military facilities; but also a museum, where to learn more on "the useless massacre" through ambients reconstruction, relics, and pictures of that era.

Memorial sites

Some of the Memory places of this war are the Davenino, in the Vezza d’Oglio area, the Montozzo barracks, or the awe-inspiring ramparts of the "bocchette di Val Massa" a miniaturized Great Wall of China at more than 2500 meters of altitude. In addition, every village has a memorial stone or monuments to remember the tragic happenings of those years, like the Military Shrine oat the Tonale Pass